How Vastu Helps You Choose your Perfect Career

Selecting a perfect career is a very subjective thing.

Everyone is different and hence, everyone’s needs and wants in life and career also differ.

One’s talents, interests and passion towards something may also steer the answer in that direction.

In Vastu we believe  that people should do what they love and are passionate about which makes them the most successful.

We help with individual Kundlis, Nakshatras and elements to see and jot down the skills, talent, interests and natural flow of an individual.

Kundlis are what the planetary arrangement at the time of birth of a certain individual tells us.

Nakshatra are said to be the eyes of the Jotish( Jotish is the planetary calculations.)

In Vastu, it is believed that a person is made of different elements like,



And out of these, there are dominating elements and accessory elements that determine the basic nature of an individual. 

All these act as an aid, a light that is very helpful in what seems to be one of the most difficult, confusing and important questions of life.

What am I here for?

What am I passionate about?

What do I want to do?

See, these are not questions that could be answered by anyone, but that person.


A list of one’s interests, talents and natural fits for a career will give clarity.

We help your thinking with what your planets say and also give tips and simple yet very effective solutions to the doshas in the Kundli. 

Vastu helps us to know ourselves and our home.

Knowing yourself is the only way to know what you want to do in life, and what your calling is.


Vastu and Astrology combined give you a sense of much-needed clarity in selecting the perfect career for you.

Here, Aacharya Meenakshi helps you

 by making individualised Kundlis,

By finding your elements,

And by balancing the Vastu of your home.

As it is said by Aacharya Meenakshi ,” me – the kundli, my surroundings – the Vastu and my planets –  the energies of the universe , these three should be in sync”

 What this means is, 

We are what our Kundlis say, where we live is called our Vastu , and our planets is the universe and to manifest whatever I want I need these three to be in sync.

This is achieved by Kundlis, Vastu and Elements.

This truly gives one the best shot in answering important questions and well, at life.

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